Monsoon Preparedness


The monsoon season appears to be arriving later than usual. Although late, we know that it will eventually arrive and we need to be prepared. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

The Town does take steps to prepare for storms. These steps involve storm drain catchment and spillway clean-out, tree pruning to prevent up-rooting of trees, making sand bags available to residents, ensuring sump pumps are operational, ensuring generators are serviced, ensuring power tool equipment is serviced and ready, heavy equipment is serviced and fueled, the street sweeper machine is serviced and fueled. Although steps are taken to prepare for storms, there will undoubtedly be some sort of damage incurred at some point during the monsoon season.

If the forecast predicts flooding rains, we will place sandbags and a shovel in the lot to the west of the Public Works yard. 

In the past, the Public Works Department  has  responded to after-hours storm events immediately after the storm, sometimes in the dark and while it is still raining, to remove downed trees, etc. For personnel safety, Public Works will respond during daylight hours and when the rain has stopped. Of course, there may be an exception to the response as dictated by the severity of the storm, necessitating response during darkness and/or rain.

If you see storm damage that has not been cleaned up during the day following a storm, please contact Town Hall at (623) 933-8286 with the address of the debris and the content (tree, sand in catchment, etc).