Proposed Fee Increase

Proposed Increase to Planning, Zoning and Development Fees

Fee Increase Statement: 

The Town of Youngtown has not increased its development/permit fees in over ten (10) years which dates back to the adoption of the 2006 Model Codes. History has taught us over the past few years that the local economy has continued to improve resulting in a major economic impact on both private and public sector developments. For Youngtown, the cost of our prospective Capital Improvement Projects has more than doubled from their estimated costs, resulting in major value engineering on the part of staff.
As we move forward with the adoption process for the 2018 Model Codes, staff conducted a development/permit fees comparison study of similar town/cities.  What we discovered were stark variations in the cost of development fees, placing Youngtown at the bottom of the threshold.

As you know, staff nor the Town has ever equated the quality of our services that the Town provides with the level of revenue received. We do however; believe that its paramount for Youngtown to maintain reasonable balance of resources/services to revenue generated based on those services provided to the community. The Town also needs to recover cost for items like publications which are required by statute. The Town’s fee structure currently results in the Town not recovering these out-of-pocket expenses.

Click the links below to see the  proposed fee schedules for Town of Youngtown Community Development Fee Schedule, as well as supporting documents. 

Notice of Intent to Adopt and/or Increase Community Development Department Fees, including building permit fees, planning and zoning fees, and valuation fees on March 22, 2019 (posted March 8, 2019 @ 6:54 a.m.)
Notice of Intent to Establish New or Increased Community Development Fees(posted February 8, 2019 @ 8:53 a.m.)
Proposed Fee Schedule
Fee Comparison with other Communities
Exhibit A - Valuation Guideline Fees
Exhibit B - 2018 International Building Code Fees

A public hearing on the proposed fees will be scheduled at the regular meeting of the Town Council held on February 7, 2019.