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Youngtown Facebook Policy

Guidelines for Posting Comments on Youngtown’s Facebook Page

Thank you for being a Fan of Youngtown!  This social media site is open to residents and friends of Youngtown, and we welcome your interest.  As a government entity, we do have rules regarding postings on our page.  We want everyone to feel comfortable participating on our Facebook site, and we reserve the right to remove any comments deemed inappropriate for this public forum.

Please note that all information, posts and commentary is considered public record.

Rule No. 1
We’re all “friends” here – so please be polite!  No name calling, comments about someone’s mother or comparisons to notorious dictators.  This applies to comments made about individuals or entities.  And please, do not post anything that may be viewed as threatening, libelous, derogatory, harassing, sexist or racist.

Rule No. 2
Keep it clean – no obscenities (or any words that you would not be comfortable using in front of your grandmother.)

Rule No. 3
Please respect the privacy of others.  Leave out references to phone numbers, addresses or email addresses.

Rule No. 4
This site is intended to promote news, events and good things happening around Youngtown.  Please refrain from advertising, recruiting, campaigning, soliciting and proselytizing.  We understand that there is a fine line between advertising and commenting about great customer service you received from a local business (yes, we would like to hear about that!)  However, this is not the place to advertise your new pest control business or look for a roommate to share an apartment!

Rule No. 5
Your comments should be yours and should not infringe on copyrights and trademarks.  Of course, you’re welcome to link relevant content and to quote from the works of others with attribution.
To report a violation, please write to us at e-mail.

Legal Notification

Use of or communication through this site creates a public record under Arizona law to which you have no right of privacy or confidentiality.  Your use of or any communication made through this site may be subject to monitoring and removal, and you should assume that any use of or communication made through this site can and will be seen by a wide audience.  Your use of or any communication made through this site is at your own risk.  The Town of Youngtown has no obligation and will make no effort to protect any information received through this site from disclosure to or misuse by any third party.

Read Youngtown's official resolution regarding social media.

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