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Common Code Violations
Common Code Violations
The Code Enforcement Division is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of citizens through education and fair and consistent enforcement of Town Codes. These ordinances address a variety of concerns including blight, unsanitary conditions, fire hazards, and unsafe structures. Left unmanaged, these issues can lead to public health hazards as well as conditions that impact the property values in your neighborhood.

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It is prohibited to burn or attempt to burn refuge of whatever manner within the Town limits except in accordance with the provisions of any permit that is issued by Maricopa County or Sun City Fire and Medical District.  To check the Maricopa County No Burn Days, click here.

Commercial Vehicle Parking
The parking of commercial-registered vehicles having a gross rating in excess of $10,000 pounds or exceeding a 1-ton rating, in residential and commercial areas is strictly prohibited except for loading and unloading.

Debris and Rubbish
Your property must be kept free from accumulation of rubbish or garbage.  All rubbish, trash, and debris must be in approved garbage containers.

Fences, Screens, Walls, and Retaining Walls
All fences and walls must be structurally sound, made of same material, and uniform in color and structure.  They must not be a hazard, blight, or in a condition of disrepair.

Inoperable Vehicles
Vehicles that are unlicensed, abandoned, or in disrepair may not be stored in public view on your property.  This includes vehicles that appear inoperable; including flat tires.

Outside Storage
Carports and patios are not to be used for outdoor storage.  Items including, but not limited to, furniture, yard equipment, tools, building materials, vehicle parts, tires, appliances, cleaning equipment, landscaping equipment, or boxes must be kept out of public view.

Vehicles are required top be parked on the paved driveway or on an improved parking surface composed of concrete or asphalt adjacent to the driveway.  Parking on an improved surface such as gravel, rocks, grass, or dirt is not allowed.

Recreational vehicles and boats must be parked behind the front of the plane of the home on improved parking surface or gravel.  Parking surface must be kept weed and grass free.  Recreational vehicles may not be used as living accommodation's, however guests of the owner mat use recreational vehicles as temporary sleeping accommodations for no more than three (3) days with appropriate permits.

Utility trailers must be parked in the rear yard and out of public view on improved surface that is dust proof; weed and grass free.

Swimming Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs
Water contained in above ground swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs must be permitted.  All pools must be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition to prevent polluted or stagnant water.  To download a Seasonal Swimming Pool Permit, click here.

Weeds, Bushes, Trees, and Other Vegetation
Keep the exterior of your property free from overgrown grass, weeds, bushes, and shrubs.

Structures, such as detached garages, fences, walls, and storage buildings, must be structurally sound, free from blight, and in good repair.  If you plan to make alterations to an existing structure, including a roof, or construct a new structure... a building permit is required from the Town.  For more information on obtaining a building permit, please contact the Community Development Department.

Yard Sales
Carport sales, yard sales, garage sales, basement sales, tag sales, attic sales, moving sales, junk sales, or any other type of residential sale of personal property  are limited to four (4) per calendar year per residence for no more than three (3) days in succession in any thirty (30) day period.  Do not place signs on Town property.

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