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RFP/RFB Opportunities

Youngtown currently has one  (1) Request for Bid/Proposal for the Town of Youngtown.

The Town of Youngtown is requesting the following;

Design, via AutoCAD, a complete Streetlight Design for the subject property to meet or exceed the Town, NEC, and The Power Company requirements. The design will include individual light locations (seventy-one), luminaire requirements, pole type, and height, electrical requirements and any needed photometric and details (lighting design showing utility locations, curb, and S/W act.).

The engineer will not be responsible for any Civil/ Structural design (Pole Bases, etc.) or cost estimates. The design will be stamped by an Arizona Registered Professional Electrical Engineer and delivered to the Client.

Please submit your bid by the close of business (4 pm) Friday, October 13th.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact 623.933.8286.

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