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Social Media Policy

The Town of Youngtown’s social media sites, social networking sites, and the Town website are intended to serve as a means of communication between Town departments and members of the public.  Where the Town of Youngtown invites the public to post comments on one of its social media sites, such as in the Community Voice section of the Town’s website, the Prohibited Content guidelines in Section 6.2 shall apply to ensure that comments are related to the topic area presented and not obscene, profane, or otherwise prohibited.  All comments posted to the Town’s social media sites may be monitored.

The Town of Youngtown reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend access to Town social media sites, social networking sites, or the Town website at any time.

Legal Notification

Use of or communication through this site creates a public record under Arizona law to which you have no right of privacy or confidentiality.  Your use of or any communication made through this site may be subject to monitoring and removal, and you should assume that any use of or communication made through this site can and will be seen by a wide audience.  Your use of or any communication made through this site is at your own risk.  The Town of Youngtown has no obligation and will make no effort to protect any information received through this site from disclosure to or misuse by any third party.

Read Youngtown's official resolution regarding social media.

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